Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's thoughts

I have been thinking about how to revamp my etsy shop to make it more reflective of how I really feel when I create a piece of jewellery and to help my buyers be aware of the pieces story. But trying to capture these stories on paper is not that easy.. whilst thinking about these things I stumbled upon the following blog post Brook Berman: A collector of images. I realised that I like Brook have been collecting images most of my life and my thoughts and processes are all captured in those pictures, napkins, bookmarks and other nic-nacs i picked up on route.

So why are these books important to me? well as Brook says they provide me with:
  • a visual record
  • they honour the process of making something from nothing
  • they help me to make connections
  • they help me to capture moments
  • to collect the wisdom of others
Perhaps from now on my product descriptions should include snippets from my collection of images and the gut reactions to the places, people and processes I experience on my journey

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